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To join our members email list click on the Mailing List link.  Enter your email address and name and sign up.  We will be using this list to keep you updated on important issues.

Lake Treatment

The approvals are in place and treatment of the lake will start in mid-May.  The lake will be treated in three stages this year. 

Stage 1 - Curley Leaf Pondweed -- The Curley Leaf is treated with Reward which will kill all the weeds that cover the lake in June-July.  This treatment will have to be done every year ($5,000). 

Stage 2 - Fanwort -- This is a highly invasive weed that will be treated with sonar pellets.  The sonar treatment consists of placing Sonar Pellets into the lake with levels kept at 11 ppb for a period of 45-60 days to attack the photosynthesis of the plant.  During the treatment period you are asked NOT to use lake water for any types of irrigation or watering plants.

Using lake water during this time could kill your lawns and plants.  The chemical only affects plants.  It does not harm people, fish or wells.  This treatment costs $20,000 and should last 3-6 years.

The association has underwater cameras and scuba gear and will be monitoring any re-growth that occurs and taking action as needed.

Stage 3 - Algae bloom -- This usually occurs in August each year.  Treatment consists of using Copper Sulfate to treat the lake and it will clear the lake in 3-5 days.  ($3,500).

Lake Safety

Several complaints about erratic, under aged operators, irresponsible boaters and jet skiers on the lake have been received.  We have arranged to hire the Massachusetts Environmental Police to help with the lake patrols.  They will be patrolling weekends and weeknights in the association patrol boat. 

Organic Fertilizer

We have been researching the use of organic fertilizer because chemical fertilizers causes the phosphorus levels in the lake to rise and feeds the weeds and algae.  Four members of the association are using Organica Brand fertilizer this year to determine levels of effectiveness.  There is a link to the Organica web site on the Useful Links page.



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